Personal Injury FAQs

Whether it's a car accident, a slip and fall or a misdiagnosis from a doctor, you need sound legal representation if you are facing expensive medical bills and time away from work. Unfortunately, many people do not take proper action to seek the compensation they rightly deserve.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about personal injury cases. Our lawyers at Perkins & Dupré can help you make sense of your case and put you in a strong position to recover the compensation that you deserve. The following are just a few of the questions we hear from people who come to our office in Zachary, Louisiana, for a free consultation.

1. How Much Is My Case Worth?

There is no one right answer to this question. However, our lawyers will work closely with your doctor and financial experts to determine the extent of your present and future losses.

2. The Insurance Company Told Me I Wouldn't Get A Better Offer. Shouldn't I Just Take It?

Insurance companies count on accident victims like you not being aware of your rights in order to limit the money they have to pay you. If you work with an experienced attorney who can investigate the accident and uncover compelling evidence, the insurance company may be more willing to negotiate for a higher settlement in order to avoid a trial.

3. Will My Case Go To Trial? I Don't Have A Lot Of Time To Spare.

Most personal injury cases never go to trial. Insurance companies like to avoid them whenever possible. Lawyers Mac Perkins and L.T. Dupré are skilled litigators who have secured favorable settlements both without going to trial and when having to make a case before a judge and jury. No matter what, they will be ready to do what is necessary to protect your interests and put you in the strongest position to recover the compensation you deserve.

4. The Person Who Hit Me Is A Friend. What Will Happen If I Sue Them?

In most cases, you will not be filing a lawsuit directly against the person who caused your accident. Instead, you will be suing that person's insurance company for the payment that you deserve. There is no shame in seeking the money that you rightfully deserve to help you get through a difficult time.

5. Will I Have To Testify?

If your case does not go to trial, then you will not have to testify. However, you may need to give a sworn deposition, in which you answer questions from the insurance company's attorneys. Our lawyers will be by your side to help you prepare and stand up for your rights during the questioning.

If you have any other questions, we would love to hear them. You can send us an email or call our office at 225-286-3836 to schedule your free consultation today.