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Did a distracted driver run you off the road?

One minute you were driving along, focused on getting to your destination safely. Then, in the blink of an eye, you found yourself flying off the road as you swerved to avoid being hit by another car. You crashed and were injured, but the other driver was too distracted to even notice what he or she had done. If a distracted driver ran you off the road and failed to stick around, you may feel there is little you can do to seek compensation for your losses, but that isn't necessarily the case. There may still be options for Louisiana residents in this position.

Following an event like this, finding the party responsible may be possible. It depends on the details you or witnesses to the incident can provide law enforcement. If the driver is found, you may file personal injury claims in civil court against this individual in order to seek compensation for any damages sustained. If the responsible party cannot be located, any relief you seek may have to come from your insurance provider.

Who gets custody of the family pet?

When going through a divorce, there are a lot of little details that have to be ironed out. One sticking point for many is the family pet. Figuring out who gets custody of this member of the family can cause arguments and delays. What does the state of Louisiana have to say about pet custody?

For numerous pet owners, their pets are more than just animals; they are their fur babies. The thought of being separated from them is devastating. So, the want of a pet custody plan is understandable. However, this is not something that the state will take part in.

What is done during the probate process?

After a loved one passes away, figuring out what exactly needs to be done to close out his or her estate can be confusing. The probate process, in particular, can prove challenging to get through. There are certain steps that have to be taken in a specific order before an estate can be distributed to beneficiaries. Here are a few things one can expect to happen when going through the probate process in the state of Louisiana.

To begin the probate process, one needs to file a petition for probate. After the petition is filed, estate planning documents must be validated. An executor will then be named if the decedent failed to designate one. Then, all beneficiaries and living relatives need to be contacted.

Louisiana personal injury: 3 taken to hospital after recent crash

Police in Louisiana are in the process of investigating a recent crash that resulted in three people needing medical care. This event occurred on Interstate 10 on Friday, March 6. If negligence is believed responsible for this collision, the victims may seek compensation for their losses by filing personal injury claims in civil court.

According to reports, the vehicles involved were traveling in the westbound lanes of I-10 near College Drive when they collided. Rescue teams were called immediately and had to close down two lanes, causing major backups, while the scene was cleared. Driver/victim information was not released.

DNA is a way to clear the air and know if a child's yours

You were excited when you found out that you were going to become a parent, and you smiled at the idea of having a family with the woman you want to marry. Something is bothering you, though. She waited a fairly long time to let you know that you were going to be a dad, and she hasn't been acting normally.

You know that it probably isn't the case, but a friend suggested that the child might not be yours. You're only dating now, and though you want to marry your girlfriend, the reality is that you don't want to go through all of this just to find out that the baby isn't yours.

Facing criminal charges?

Were you or a loved one recently arrested? If so, it does not matter if the criminal charges you or they are facing are relatively minor or are on the severe side; it's how you approach the situation matters. Louisiana residents who find themselves on the wrong side of the law often feel uneasy and unsure about their futures. While it is impossible to know how one's case will conclude, legal counsel can help one achieve the best possible outcome.

Crimes, whether they are labeled misdemeanors or felonies, all have fairly significant consequences if one is convicted in the state of Louisiana. Common penalties include jail time, fines, prison time, community service and court-ordered rehabilitation -- to name a few. Some even involve administrative penalties, such as the loss of driving privileges.

Injured by a teen who was too tired to be driving?

Every year, numerous teens in Louisiana are involved in car accidents -- particularly in the morning while driving to school. Some of these incidents have fatal outcomes, and many of them result in injury. According to a recently released study, numerous teen-involved collisions are the result of these young drivers getting behind the wheel while tired. As drowsy driving is considered negligent driving, anyone injured in one of these accidents may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through legal means.

Sleep is something that many people do not feel is important. True, numerous individuals can get by with little sleep; it does not mean their bodies can function as well as they could if they were fully rested. The average teen, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, requires at least eight hours of sleep a night -- 10 would be best. Unfortunately, most teenagers get much less than that, thanks to school, work and various other commitments. So, they go to bed late and wake up early, which messes with their circadian rhythm, and then they get behind the wheel of their cars when their bodies feel they should still be sleeping.

Gray divorce -- to do it or not to do it?

There is nothing easy about ending a marriage. It will hurt in a lot of ways. However, doing it when one is older may come at a higher price. More gray divorces are happening these days, but it doesn't mean that those who are considering it, whether they reside in Louisiana or elsewhere, shouldn't take the time to really think things through before pulling the trigger.

Recently, a man asked whether pursuing a gray divorce was worth it. At the age of 71, he is considering leaving his wife of 27 years. It was the second marriage for both of them, brought about because of an unplanned pregnancy. He claims he has stuck with her for the child, but now he is wondering if he should continue sticking it out or pull the plug because he is unhappy.

Will the autonomous vehicle prevent all car accident injuries?

Some of the advances in technology are truly remarkable. Take the autonomous vehicle, for example. The idea is simply amazing, and many people believe taking this idea mainstream will help prevent car accident injuries from occurring -- but will it? Maybe someday Louisiana residents will no longer have to worry about car accidents, but that day is not anytime soon -- even with more autonomous vehicles out on the road.

Most car accidents, 94-96%, are the result of human error. The idea behind the autonomous vehicle is to take the human out of it. The technology is supposed to sense issues and react faster than a human driver would. Here's the thing, the coding done for these vehicles is far from perfect. Several auto accidents involving these vehicles have occurred, some of them resulting in fatality.

Criminal defense: Baton Rouge man facing several serious charges

Police in Baton Rouge recently arrested a man on several serious charges. Given the severity of the crimes of which he stands accused, how he approaches his case in a Louisiana criminal court matters. Thankfully, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help this individual seek the best outcome possible.

According to reports, on Jan. 23, a police officer initiated a seemingly routine traffic stop. Authorities claim it was necessary, as the vehicle's window tint was darker than what is legally allowed in the state. During the stop, it was learned that the driver -- a 24-year-old male -- had an active warrant on his record. Upon attempting to take this individual into custody, the accused allegedly resisted and assaulted the officer.


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