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Louisiana personal injury: 2 hurt in auto-pedestrian accident

Despite frequent attempts to educate the public about the dangers of drinking and driving, on a daily basis, there are still quite a few people in the state of Louisiana who are found to be operating their vehicles while impaired. This behavior is not only dangerous for them, but it is also dangerous for the general public. Recently in Baton Rouge, two pedestrians were struck by an allegedly drunk driver. The victims of this case may be entitled to pursue personal injury claims against the party believed responsible in order to seek compensation for their losses.

A news report was recently published about this event, which is said to have occurred March 15. Investigators say that a 38-year-old male was operating his vehicle on Perkins Road, around the 3700 block, when he hit two people. Little is known about the victims. One of them suffered injuries to the face and was taken to an area hospital for treatment. The report failed to mention if the second victim suffered any injuries.

Louisiana criminal defense: Should I take a breath test?

Anyone suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol in the state of Louisiana may be asked to submit to a breath test. This is a simple and quick test that can be done roadside. Law enforcement authorities use it as it is believed to be highly accurate, but the truth is this test is prone to error. So, when asked to submit to a breath test, one should really think about the consequences of doing so, including how the results could impact one's criminal defense if arrested.

When it comes to breath testing, most people feel compliance is mandatory. While implied consent laws do require a person to participate in these tests during a traffic stop, that does not mean that he or she loses his or her right to refuse. One can refuse, but there are usually administrative consequences for doing so -- such as an automatic license suspension. However, it is usually possible to request relief before the administrative panel so as to be able to get to and from work or drive the kids to school.

Louisiana probate: Naming a pet as a beneficiary

There is no shortage of animal lovers in the state of Louisiana. While people may love their pets, many do not consider what will happen to these loved ones when they are no longer around to care for them. Everyone dies and those who want to make sure their pets are provided for when that happens may include instructions in their estate plans regarding where the animals should go and how much money should be set aside for their care. A probate law attorney can help with this.

Pet provisions in an estate plan are not anything new, but they are something not commonly talked about -- except when a celebrity has left a large sum to his or her pet, such as in the Karl Lagerfeld case. The famous designer died in Feb. 2019 and his beloved cat is set to inherit millions. Just how much the cat will receive has not been reported. 

Louisiana personal injury relief: Settlement versus litigation

Every day in the state of Louisiana numerous people are injured in auto collisions and various other accidents. The physical, financial and emotional costs to the victims of these events can be significant. This is why the law allows victims to seek relief for their losses. This is generally done through settlement negotiations or personal injury litigation.

Most injury cases never make it to court. It is not that they are not worthy of litigating. Rather, it is because all parties involved have agreed to settlement terms. How can one go about settling an injury case?

Concerned your child may be taking drugs? Here’s how to tell

College is a time of great change for your child – a time for them to test social norms and to see where they feel comfortable in the greater world. Part of that desire to push boundaries may involve alcohol or illegal drugs.

You may suspect your child of using alcohol or illegal drugs and be afraid they might end up in jail. There are signs of drug use you can look for.

What can an oil and gas attorney do for property owners?

Louisiana is home to various natural resources that are needed by the United States and sought after by certain companies. Oil and gas, for example, can be found in abundance here. Those who are landowners of property where these substances are located may find themselves dealing with a number of legal issues. Having an attorney who has experience with oil and gas law can be beneficial when these issues arise.

According to current laws, oil and gas on any given property belong to the property owner. If that individual would like to allow oil and gas companies to drill on the property, that would be well within his or her right. There is a right way to go about doing this, however. In order to make sure one get a fair deal, a lease agreement should be drafted and signed by all involved parties, and the lease document should be fairly detailed as to what is expected of both parties.

Criminal defense: Accused serial burglar arrested, again

Police in Zachary recently arrested a young man for his alleged role in a string of vehicle burglaries. This individual has been in this position before and was released on bond after entering a plea agreement. Now, police want to see him stay behind bars and have gone public about their concerns. The court of public opinion certainly does not help criminal cases, so this teenager can help himself by seeking assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney as he goes to court for his latest arrest.

According to reports, authorities arrested a 19-year-old male after finding his shoe in the mud near a car that had been burglarized. This vehicle is said to be just one of many cars the teen allegedly broke into in the last year. The same day as his arrest, a judge set him free on bond. Before he was released from police custody, though, the judge revoked the release order due to the press asking about the case. 

Motorcyclist dead, passenger suffers personal injury in wreck

A collision between a motorcycle and an SUV left one man dead and a woman injured. This accident occurred Feb. 2, at approximately 1 a.m., in Denham Springs. The driver responsible failed to remain at the scene, but Louisiana State Troopers located and arrested her later that same day. With the responsible party identified, the surviving victim may pursue a personal injury claim in an effort to seek compensation for her losses and the family members of the deceased may also file civil claims in order to seek relief.

According to reports, police believe that the accused attempted a left-hand turn in front of the motorcycle. The motorcycle driver had no time to react, struck the vehicle and he and his passenger went flying off of their bike. The driver -- a 25-year-old male -- died at the scene. His passenger -- a 27-year-old female -- was taken to an area hospital with unspecified injuries.

Louisiana personal injury: Beware of fatigued drivers

Late last year, a driver on LA 34 headed west crossed over into the eastbound lane. The car struck two vehicles headed east. Two of the drivers sustained life-threatening injuries, while the third driver, a 69-year-old Louisiana man, tragically died.

The cause of the accident remains a mystery. However, police suspect “fatigued driving” as the likely cause, according to recent news reports.

Criminal defense: Charged with a marijuana-related crime

Many states across the country are taking lighter stances on marijuana. Some have even made recreational as well as medical use of this drug legal. This is where Louisiana stands apart from other states. Here, marijuana laws are still extremely strict, as are the consequences for anyone convicted of a marijuana-related drug crime. Those charged with these crimes can help themselves by seeking out a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling such cases.

In Louisiana, marijuana is still considered a banned substance, except for medical purposes. Those who have prescriptions may carry a small amount and use marijuana as needed. In 2017, a law was passed that allows the caregivers of those with cannabis prescriptions to also carry and obtain the drug. The cultivation of marijuana for medical use is still prohibited.


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