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Is Louisiana a dangerous place for cyclists?

Many people here in Louisiana turn to bikes for exercise, recreation or a commuting option. Unfortunately, cyclists in the state can face accident risks.

Collisions between cars and bicycles can be very severe. They sometimes result in cyclist deaths. According to state data, there have been over 90 bicycle accident fatalities out on the state’s roads since 2015.

And reports suggest that Louisiana might be a particularly deadly state for cyclists.

For example, a recent Wall Street Journal analysis found Louisiana be second in the entire nation for bicyclist deaths. The only state the analysis found topped Louisiana for such fatalities was Florida. According to the analysis, between 2007 and 2016, there were 3.9 bicyclist deaths in Louisiana per every 100,000 residents.

And this wasn’t the first time Louisiana has been found to be near the top of the nation for bicyclist fatalities. For example, a 2015 CDC report ranked the state No. 3 nationally for cyclist death rate.

Why do you think Louisiana ranks so high on such lists? Do you think Louisiana is a particularly dangerous place for cyclists? How good of a job do you feel drivers in the state do at respecting the rights of bicyclists? Are there any particular protections for bicyclists you would like to see added in the state?

When bicyclists are seriously hurt in accidents in Louisiana, they may have many significant questions and concerns related to their future. This includes questions on what steps they can take to try to secure fair compensation to assist with their recovery. Personal injury attorneys can guide bicycle accident victims through such steps.

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