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Louisiana family law: Have child custody and support concerns?

Are you preparing to go through a divorce? Do you have children and have child custody and support concerns? If you do, an experienced Louisiana-based family law attorney can help you resolve your concerns and walk away from your marriage with custody and support orders that fit your family's needs.

When it comes to child custody, the state just wants to see children in living arrangements that benefit their emotional health and are just all around safe environments. You and your soon-to-be ex can negotiate terms you both believe are best for your children, or you can request that a judge decide. Custody cases only go to court if parents cannot come to agreeable terms. Generally speaking, the state would like to see shared custody arrangements made, but there are reasons to grant sole custody.

Regarding sole custody, legal counsel can provide information on what you need to do to seek it. When it comes to child support, according to Louisiana law, both parents are required to financially support their children. The higher-earning spouse or parent who is not named primary custody holder will likely need to pay. How much the paying parent has to provide depends on the income levels of both parents and the number of children requiring support -- among a number of other factors. The goal of child support is to make sure a child's basic needs are being met.

When it comes to family law, child custody and support concerns are some of the most difficult to figure out. Each parent may have different ideas as to what is best for the children. Through negotiation or litigation, a resolution will come. To learn more about this and other divorce topics, please visit our Louisiana-based firm's website.

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