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Louisiana probate: Creating a will

Estate planning is something that numerous Louisiana residents put off. It is understandable that no one wants to think about their own mortality. Not thinking about it, though, can end up hurting one's loved ones in the end. A will is the most basic estate planning document anyone can have, but having one in place can help one's family get through probate as quickly as possible.

So, how does one go about writing a will? An individual can simply write one on his or her own. There are a number of online forms that can be filled out. Finally, one can seek assistance from an experienced estate planning attorney. The last option should be strongly considered as legal counsel can make sure the will includes everything it should, nothing it shouldn't and make sure it is properly executed so that it is actually valid.

After deciding how to write a will, it is necessary to determine who one's beneficiaries will be and what those individuals or organizations are to receive. To help prevent conflict, being specific and clear about how assets are to be divided is a must. Being vague in a will only causes problems.

Finally, when writing a will, it is a good idea to name an executor. This individual will be in charge of closing out the estate and making sure beneficiaries get what is promised to them. It is a big role and should only go to someone one trusts. Fail to name an executor and the courts will decide who is named to this position.

Writing a will is not really difficult, but it does take a little time and some serious thought and consideration. It is not something one should put off, as it is impossible to know exactly when it will be needed. Louisiana residents can turn to an experienced estate planning and probate attorney for assistance when writing a will to make sure it is done right.

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