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January 2019 Archives

Criminal defense: Charged with a marijuana-related crime

Many states across the country are taking lighter stances on marijuana. Some have even made recreational as well as medical use of this drug legal. This is where Louisiana stands apart from other states. Here, marijuana laws are still extremely strict, as are the consequences for anyone convicted of a marijuana-related drug crime. Those charged with these crimes can help themselves by seeking out a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling such cases.

Louisiana family law: Common joint custody problems

Joint custody is the custody arrangement of choice in Louisiana -- except in cases where it is not deemed in a child's best interests. Making this type of arrangement work can be challenging, though. Here are some common joint custody problems family law experts often see arise.

Louisiana probate law: Trust questions

What is a trust? Is it something every Louisiana resident should consider having? How does one create a trust? These are all questions that will briefly be discussed here. A probate law attorney can provide more in-depth answers to those who want to know more.

Did a truck driver on a cellphone cause you personal injury?

The day you or your loved one got into an accident with a semitrailer probably started out just like any other day. You had no idea what was coming your way or that your life was about the change forever. Then it happened. A distracted semi driver slammed into your vehicle leaving you or your loved one injured. According to the state of Louisiana, you may seek relief for any personal injury suffered. 


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