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Louisiana family law: Common joint custody problems

Joint custody is the custody arrangement of choice in Louisiana -- except in cases where it is not deemed in a child's best interests. Making this type of arrangement work can be challenging, though. Here are some common joint custody problems family law experts often see arise.

Problem number one: Badmouthing each other in front of the child. Children generally love both of their parents. Listening to either parent speak poorly of the other can be hurtful to the child. It can even affect his or her relationship with his or her parents. If venting about one's ex is necessary, it is best not to do it with one's child around.

Problem number two: Having unrealistic custody demands. A joint custody arrangement has to work for both parents' schedules and it has to work for their child's age, needs and commitments. Some parents make demands that simply are not reasonable. This is bad for everyone. Legal counsel can help negotiate or litigate a custody order that is fair and balanced.

Problem number three: Refusing to modify when it is justified. Sometimes, custody plans simply do not work long-term. Life happens, adjustments are needed. When a custody plan is not working anymore for either parent, it is okay to seek help in order to modify the plan so that it does work for one's current circumstances. Legal counsel may be able to help negotiate new terms or present one's case before a judge in an effort to achieve the changes desired. 

Joint custody problems happen, even between exes that have a relatively good relationship post divorce. Louisiana residents who find themselves divorced with shared custody arrangements can help themselves by making the situation as positive as possible for their children and seeking legal assistance from an experienced family law attorney when disputes arise that cannot be worked through without help. Sharing children with an ex can be difficult, but one day at a time it is possible to do it and do it successfully.

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