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Criminal defense: Accused serial burglar arrested, again

Police in Zachary recently arrested a young man for his alleged role in a string of vehicle burglaries. This individual has been in this position before and was released on bond after entering a plea agreement. Now, police want to see him stay behind bars and have gone public about their concerns. The court of public opinion certainly does not help criminal cases, so this teenager can help himself by seeking assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney as he goes to court for his latest arrest.

According to reports, authorities arrested a 19-year-old male after finding his shoe in the mud near a car that had been burglarized. This vehicle is said to be just one of many cars the teen allegedly broke into in the last year. The same day as his arrest, a judge set him free on bond. Before he was released from police custody, though, the judge revoked the release order due to the press asking about the case. 

Should the opinion of the press, public and police make a difference in how the criminal court system works? No. This young man has rights. He has the right to defend himself, he has the right to be treated fairly, he has the right to request release on bond until a trial date is set, and he has the right to seek legal counsel to help him through this case. It is up to the court to decide how this case is to proceed, and the court's decisions should not be swayed by outside sources. 

Only time will tell what will happen to this young man. If police in Zachary get their way, he will end up in prison. With so much working against the accused, how he approaches this case could have a significant impact on his future. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help him plot a course of action that will best benefit his circumstances. 

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