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Louisiana personal injury relief: Settlement versus litigation

Every day in the state of Louisiana numerous people are injured in auto collisions and various other accidents. The physical, financial and emotional costs to the victims of these events can be significant. This is why the law allows victims to seek relief for their losses. This is generally done through settlement negotiations or personal injury litigation.

Most injury cases never make it to court. It is not that they are not worthy of litigating. Rather, it is because all parties involved have agreed to settlement terms. How can one go about settling an injury case?

Following an accident, say a car crash, for example, the victim will have the opportunity to seek compensation for his or her losses from the responsible party's insurance provider -- assuming that the individual has insurance. In the first few weeks following the wreck, the insurance provider is likely to offer the victim just enough to cover his or her basic expenses, just to close out the case. Many people accept the amount offered because they need the money and may not feel that they can do better, but the truth is, they may be able to do better. This offer can be refused and a demand letter is sent for what one feels is fair. After the demand letter is reviewed by the insurance provider, the terms can either be accepted, rejected or modified through the negotiations process so that all parties involved are content.

The reason a lot of cases settle is that it is usually beneficial for everyone involved. Litigation can be expensive and time-consuming. It can also be very stressful for the victim. However, if settlement negotiations are not proving effective, it may be the only way to get the compensation one deserves. So, it should not be ruled out as an option.

Louisiana residents who have suffered injuries in accidents do not have to let these injuries completely destroy their lives. They also do not have to accept bare minimum compensation for their losses. They can fight for maximum relief through settlement negotiations or litigation. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist with either.

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