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April 2019 Archives

Louisiana family law: The 3 types of parental alienation

Not all divorce cases are amicable. Some spouses fight about everything during divorce proceedings and sometimes for years after the fact -- particularly if children are involved. One way some people try to punish their former spouses is by turning their children against them. This is called parental alienation, and sadly, it is commonly seen in Louisiana family law cases.

Not happy with your child custody arrangement?

Getting through the divorce process is difficult. Living with some of the terms after the fact can be even harder for individuals in Louisiana. Child custody, for example, is one of those things with which you may struggle. Maybe the initial order felt fine at the time, but now it is not working, or maybe you were not happy with your current arrangement from the get-go and have been on a mission to change it ever since. No matter why you want your child custody terms adjusted, legal counsel can assist you in taking the steps necessary to seek the desired changes.

Louisiana probate: The good and bad of a DIY will

Most adults in the state of Louisiana -- in the United States, really -- do not have estate plans in place. They do not even have basic wills in place. Without proper planning, probate may be a nightmare for one's family. One does not have to look too hard to find do-it-yourself wills and estate planning products online. Such products are tempting because they are usually cheap, but will a DIY will hold up when it matters, though?

Louisiana criminal defense: Charged with a hate crime?

Just like employers can get into a lot of trouble for discriminating against employees or allowing discrimination and harassment in the workplace, the average Joe can get into a lot of trouble for purposely discriminating against anyone at any time. Hate crimes are commonly seen in the state of Louisiana and elsewhere. Those accused of these crimes may face some serious consequences if they are convicted. A criminal defense attorney may be able to assist anyone facing hate crime charges with navigating court proceedings and doing all that is necessary to seek favorable outcomes.


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