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May 2019 Archives

Louisiana state trooper suffers personal injury while on the job

Police in Louisiana recently arrested the woman they say is responsible for a car crash that left a state trooper injured. While the trooper was on duty when the accident occurred, workers' compensation will likely cover a lot of his or her losses. If this individual would like, it may also be possible to pursue a personal injury claim in civil court in an effort to seek further relief.

Oil and gas law: What is the rule of capture?

Those who own land in Louisiana that sits above gas and oil stores have the property rights to those valuable resources. This is pretty basic property law. However, oil and gas laws do not necessarily abide by basic property laws. According to oil and gas laws, it is possible to claim the property rights to these stores if one's well draws them up from neighboring land. How does this work?

Prevent probate issues by giving away your stuff before you die

Stuff. It is collected and carried around over the course of one's life. There are certain items that may have special significance to some family members. It is these items that may cause issues during the probate process as one's loved ones may fight about who gets to keep what. Louisiana residents may be able to prevent problems during the probate process by divvying up assets while they are still living and putting together an estate plan.

Louisiana criminal defense: 2 facing DWI and other charges

Louisiana police recently arrested two individuals for allegedly driving while impaired. They are both facing a number of charges. If convicted, the consequences may be significant. Both of these individuals would likely fair better in their legal proceedings if they have an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side.

Talk to your kids about the dangers of opioid abuse

It’s likely you’ve heard of fentanyl by now. You may have seen it mentioned in the news in high-profile overdose cases, but don’t have to be a celebrity to locate these drugs. Synthetic opioids killed more people in 2017 than any other opioid and opioid overdoses increased among those 25 years old and younger by 12.4 percent that year.

After a car accident, won't insurance take care of me?

Auto collisions that result in injury or serious loss happen every day in the state of Louisiana. You, like many other people, probably believe that insurance will take care of you if you are ever involved in a car accident. The truth is, insurance providers will do everything in their power to pay you as little as possible.


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