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June 2019 Archives

Louisiana criminal defense: Illegal dumping may soon be a felony

Zachary is home to the Baton Rouge North Landfill. There, people are allowed to drop off certain bulk items that they wish to dispose of when putting them in a standard trash bin is not an option. According to East Baton Rouge officials, too few people are taking advantage of the drop-off option and, instead, are resorting to dumping trash illegally -- which is currently a misdemeanor offense but may soon be a felony-level offense. Either way, those accused of illegal dumping in the state of Louisiana may find themselves in need of criminal defense assistance.

Family law: When getting a divorce, keep emotions in check

Ending a marriage is an emotional affair. It is the death of something that was once viewed as beautiful and full of promise. It is difficult to get through the divorce process without letting emotions run the show. However, any family law attorney would suggest that Louisiana residents working through the dissolution process check their emotions at the door when walking into settlement negotiations or litigation.

Louisiana criminal defense: 2 men charged in fatal shooting case

Police in Louisiana recently arrested two men that they say are responsible for a fatal shooting in the Zachary area. The charges against these gentlemen are quite severe and the potential consequences if they are convicted are much the same. Each of the accused would likely benefit from having an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for them well before their cases go to trial.

Bike helmets prevent TBI, other injuries

Bicycling is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Biking is eco-friendly, a great form of exercise and a lot of fun. More and more of us are on bikes, either for commuting, for working out or for recreation. But biking presents its own inherent set of risks.

Louisiana probate: Wording in Tom Petty's will causing problems

Words matter. How words are used matters. When wording is unclear, particularly when it comes to one's will, it can cause a lot of problems for one's beneficiaries. This is an issue currently being seen in the Tom Petty probate case. It is also a problem that has been seen in plenty of Louisiana probate cases as well.


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