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Louisiana criminal defense: Illegal dumping may soon be a felony

Zachary is home to the Baton Rouge North Landfill. There, people are allowed to drop off certain bulk items that they wish to dispose of when putting them in a standard trash bin is not an option. According to East Baton Rouge officials, too few people are taking advantage of the drop-off option and, instead, are resorting to dumping trash illegally -- which is currently a misdemeanor offense but may soon be a felony-level offense. Either way, those accused of illegal dumping in the state of Louisiana may find themselves in need of criminal defense assistance.

According to a recent report, on June 26, the issue of illegal dumping was discussed at the District 2 council meeting. A councilwoman went over the current penalties for this crime, stating that convicted offenders may be fined $1,000 up to $5,000. The big problem is, it is not always easy to identify those individuals who are dumping their trash illegally. Law enforcement authorities are wanting cameras installed in areas where the dumping is occurring most often.

On top of possibly adding cameras to problem areas, those who witness illegal dumping are being told to call Crime Stoppers to file a report. As this is a misdemeanor offense at present, those calling in will not receive monetary awards for tips that lead to arrests. If the offense is upgraded to the felony level, those who report this type of crime when an arrest is made would see some financial benefit.

If felony charges follow an arrest for illegal dumping, this means that the accused would face far more than hefty fines if convicted -- incarceration may also be on the table, among other consequences. Only time will tell if the bump to felony status will occur. In the meantime, even a misdemeanor charge can do some damage to one personally and professionally. An experienced criminal defense attorney can assist Louisiana residents, or visitors to the state who are facing misdemeanor or felony-level charges for illegal dumping or a number of other offenses, and do everything possible to seek the best outcomes possible.

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