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July 2019 Archives

Louisiana Family law: Can I get a quickie divorce?

Those whose marital relationships are at an end likely want to get through the divorce process as quickly as possible so that they can move on. While quickie divorces are a thing in other states, there are laws in Louisiana that can drag out the dissolution process longer than one would like. Even though this may be the case, an experienced family law attorney can help one get through it as swiftly as possible.

Louisiana personal injury: 1 killed, several hurt in crash

Louisiana State Police are in the process of investigating a crash that left one person dead and four others injured. This incident occurred in Calcasieu Parish on July 16. While this event may have happened on the other side of the state, the lessons that can be learned from it can benefit anyone who has similarly suffered personal injury or loss.

Louisiana probate: Now is the time to create an estate plan

Putting together an estate plan is something you know you should probably do, but it hasn't been high on your priority list. Life keeps you busy and, really, it is something you just have not wanted to think about. It doesn't matter if you are a young adult, middle-aged or in your retirement years, having an estate plan is for your benefit and the benefit of your loved ones. Now is the time to create an estate plan and an experienced Louisiana-based probate attorney can help you do that.

Louisiana personal injury: PTSD and car accidents

A car accident is a traumatic experience to go through. Not only are physical injuries likely to be suffered, but emotional injuries may also occur. The mind of a person who goes through something horrible may react in a way that one does not expect as it tries to process and deal with what happened, and how it reacts is not always positive. A psychologically-related personal injury can have devastating effects, which is why the laws of Louisiana allow victims with such injuries to seek relief for any resulting losses -- under the right circumstances.


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