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How bicycle commuters can avoid trouble on the road

There are many benefits of commuting on your bicycle. From saving money on gas to avoiding heavy rush hour traffic, you may come to find that it makes good sense for someone in your position.

Before you jump on your bike and hit the road, there's something to remember: Your safety and well-being should always come first.

Here are four safety tips to follow as a bicycle commuter in Baton Rouge:

  • Use the bicycle lane, when available: You won't always have access to a bicycle lane, but when you do, this is the safest place to ride. It doesn't completely protect you against accidents, but it definitely enhances your safety.
  • Watch for opening doors: When drivers park on the side of the road, they'll eventually exit their vehicle. If they don't first check their mirrors, it's possible they could open their door into your lane of travel. When you anticipate this happening, you're able to act quickly in the event that it does.
  • Make eye contact and use body language: Anything you can do to express your intentions to drivers is something you should consider. Making eye contact ensures that they're aware of your presence. Using hand signals gives them a clear idea of what you're going to do next.
  • Watch for pedestrians, too: Don't focus so much on the vehicles around you that you overlook the danger of pedestrians. For instance, if you spook a pedestrian who's crossing the street, they could react in a way that causes an accident. When possible, pass behind pedestrians instead of in front of them.

These tips will give you peace of mind when commuting on your bicycle, but they can't keep you 100 percent safe all of the time.

If you're injured in a bicycle accident, such as the result of a collision with a motor vehicle, stay where you are and call 911 for help. Also, if possible, administer first aid to your injuries until paramedics arrive.

Bicycle-car accidents have the potential to cause serious injury, such as bleeding on the brain and broken bones. If you're injured due to another party's negligence, learn more about your legal rights for collecting compensation.

Visit our website for more advice on what to do if you suffer an injury in an accident.

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