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Louisiana Family law: Can I get a quickie divorce?

Those whose marital relationships are at an end likely want to get through the divorce process as quickly as possible so that they can move on. While quickie divorces are a thing in other states, there are laws in Louisiana that can drag out the dissolution process longer than one would like. Even though this may be the case, an experienced family law attorney can help one get through it as swiftly as possible.

The most common divorce types used in Louisiana are no-fault, contested and uncontested. No matter which of these routes one chooses to take, the state requires that a couple go through a waiting period before the dissolution request will be granted. Currently, the waiting period is set at 180 days, which comes out to six months. The waiting period may be avoided if a fault divorce is pursued -- meaning one has specific grounds for ending the marriage such as fraud, abandonment, cruelty and mental illness, among others.

During the waiting period, the couple is supposed to live separately. If that is not possible for financial or other reasons, legal counsel may be able to offer guidance on how to still meet this requirement. Why does the state require this waiting period? It is to serve as a time to cool off, so to speak. Sometimes, when a couple separates for a bit, they find that divorce is not what they really want.

When divorce is wanted, it can be difficult to get through Louisiana's required waiting period. It is challenging to wait when one just wants to move on. An experienced family law attorney will understand this and do everything in his or her power to assist the client in finalizing the process as quickly as possible.

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