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Louisiana criminal defense: Man charged in nightclub shooting

On June 29, the Baton Rouge area was rocked by a nightclub shooting that left seven people injured. Recently, police arrested the one man who is believed to have been the shooter. As gun violence is a serious offense in Louisiana with significant consequences if one is convicted, the accused can help himself, his case and his chances of achieving the best possible outcome by seeking assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney as he prepares to defend himself in court.

According to a recent report, the accused -- a 24-year-old male -- was at Stadium Ultralounge & Bar with one of his relatives when another man hit his relative with a glass bottle. The accused supposedly pulled his gun and fired in defense. Witnesses say, and video shows that shots were fired both inside and outside the building, hitting several bystanders. It is still unclear what lead up to the initial attack. 

All seven victims were treated for their injuries. Their current conditions are unknown. The accused was arrested July 23 and has been charged with attempted first-degree murder. Investigators say that other arrests may be made in this case.

According to Louisiana criminal law, the individual allegedly responsible stands to spend one or more decades in prison if prosecuting attorneys secure a conviction. At such a young age, this one event can change the course of his life forever. With the assistance of counsel, the accused can present a criminal defense that is believed best for his circumstances in an effort to seek a case dismissal or charge and penalty reduction.

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