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Louisiana criminal defense: Officer facing DWI and other charges

Law enforcement officers in the state of Louisiana are always on the lookout for drunk or otherwise impaired drivers while they are out on patrol. When, according to their training, arrests are called for, they take allegedly impaired drivers into custody -- even if a driver is one of their own. Recently, a state police officer was arrested for driving while intoxicated and other violations. As he stands to lose a lot if he is convicted, he would likely benefit from having a well-planned criminal defense.

According to reports, a state trooper was monitoring Highway 42 in the Baton Rouge area when the accused -- a 48-year-old male -- was allegedly witnessed speeding and improperly changing lanes. The trooper pulled him over and asked him to submit to sobriety testing -- to which he agreed. Reports say that the accused was fully compliant until he was informed that he would be placed under arrest. The accused then supposedly attacked the trooper.

Ultimately, this gentleman was taken into custody. He was booked on various charges, including DWI, battery, resisting arrest and traffic violations. It is unclear when this individual's case will be heard in court. He has been placed on leave until this matter is resolved.

Being charged with a crime can be a tough pill for anyone to swallow. It can be even more difficult for those individuals who are sworn to protect and serve the state of Louisiana and its residents. The accused in this case stands to lose his job and face jail time over this incident -- among other consequences. With the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, this individual can do what is necessary to defend himself as he seeks the best outcome possible.

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