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Oil and gas law: Obtaining a drilling permit

Anyone who wants to drill for gas and oil in the state of Louisiana has to obtain a permit before they get started. Most people are aware of this. Some may not be aware of how difficult it can be to obtain the necessary license. Thankfully, those who need help with the process can turn to an oil and gas law attorney for assistance. 

According to the Department of Natural Resources, all Permit to Drill applications must be submitted to the District Office, in duplicate, near the well's location for approval. The DO then passes the request on to Baton Rouge for its final consideration and approval or denial. The permit form, simply called MD-10-R-1, can be obtained online or in person. The following information must be included on the form for it to be considered:

  • Date of completion
  • Well's location -- parish name and code number
  • Name of the field
  • Code number for the field
  • Well name and number
  • Description of the drill site
  • Company name and code number
  • Company contact information
  • What product one intends to capture -- oil or gas
  • Proposed depth
  • Land survey
  • Signature

A state-approved surveyor must complete the land survey. The well map has to be referenced to an established monument or a governmental section line. The map must also include information regarding the well's location, its proximity to the property line and any existing structures. 

A few other details may need to be included in the application. It all depends on where one plans to drill. Before any permit request is even considered for approval, the petitioner has to pay the necessary fee. A current fee schedule can be located online.

Any mistakes made on an application can result in denial, meaning one has to start again, which will delay one's project plans. Before submitting any forms to obtain a drilling permit in the state of Louisiana, it is wise to have one's application reviewed to ensure it is error-free. An oil and gas law attorney can review one's documentation before it is submitted and, if desired, assist one in fighting for approval to drill in his or her desired location. 

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