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September 2019 Archives

Louisiana probate: Where to keep estate planning documents

There is a lot to think about when going through the estate planning process. Most Louisiana residents who take the time to do it probably spend all their time worrying about what protections they need and what to include that they forget one small but significant detail -- where to store their documents when all is said and done. The simple truth is, estate plans that cannot be found do not do any good when it comes time for one's estate to go through probate.

Louisiana criminal defense: Common drug crimes

Drug crimes are not something that law enforcement officials treat lightly in Louisiana. Anyone charged with such a crime may face consequences that can affect them for years to come if they are ultimately convicted. Thankfully, those facing criminal charges do have the right to a criminal defense.

Family law: How does child support work in Louisiana?

There is nothing easy about separating or divorcing when one has a child to consider -- particularly when it comes to the money side of things. Who is responsible for supporting the child? How much will one have to pay? This week, this column will briefly discuss how child support works in Louisiana.

Louisiana personal injury: Victim of a mis- or missed diagnosis?

Every day, people in Louisiana and elsewhere seek out medical care because they feel it necessary. When one does this, there is always hope that medical professionals will be able to figure out and treat whatever is going on. Unfortunately, mistakes are often made, and some will end up with a mis- or missed diagnosis. When this happens and one suffers a personal injury because of it, he or she may have legal recourse.


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