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Louisiana criminal defense: Common drug crimes

Drug crimes are not something that law enforcement officials treat lightly in Louisiana. Anyone charged with such a crime may face consequences that can affect them for years to come if they are ultimately convicted. Thankfully, those facing criminal charges do have the right to a criminal defense.

There are several drug crimes recognized under the law, and each has its specific consequences. At the end of the day, drug crime severity comes down to the type of drug and amount involved. A few examples of common drug crimes are:

  • Possession
  • Paraphernalia
  • Trafficking
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing

Of these, trafficking, sales and manufacturing tend to be treated the most severely and can result in one having to pay hefty fines and spend time in prison. Possession and paraphernalia are often on the minor side as far as drug crimes go, though, as previously stated, what one is accused of having and how much of any given item or substance matters when deciding what level of charges are going to be filed. Those facing possession and/or paraphernalia charges, if convicted, may have to pay fines and could end up spending some time behind bars -- among other things.

Drug charges are something to take seriously. Prosecuting attorneys in Louisiana will do their best to make sure those accused are convicted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. When faced with drug charges, one can help his or her situation by seeking out a criminal defense attorney with experience in handling such cases. With the right assistance, the best possible outcome may be achieved.

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