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Louisiana probate: Where to keep estate planning documents

There is a lot to think about when going through the estate planning process. Most Louisiana residents who take the time to do it probably spend all their time worrying about what protections they need and what to include that they forget one small but significant detail -- where to store their documents when all is said and done. The simple truth is, estate plans that cannot be found do not do any good when it comes time for one's estate to go through probate.

So, where should one keep a completed estate plan? There are several good options. First, one can leave it one file at an attorney's office. Just make sure loved knows have the name of the attorney who has them.

Second, it is possible to give copies to family members right away. If there is a want to keep the documents private until they are needed, the third option would be to store them in a fireproof safe at home. The one place many experts agree that one should not keep these documents is in a safe deposit box, as the papers giving loved ones access the box's contents will be locked inside it.

No matter where Louisiana residents choose to store their estate plans, letting loved ones know where they are is a must. Otherwise, they are worthless. An experienced estate planning and probate attorney can help one create an estate plan that offers all desired protections, offer advice on storage, and assist with any changes or updates that are needed down the line.

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