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Criminal defense: Louisiana man facing domestic violence charges

At the end of September, police in Louisiana arrested a man for allegedly abusing his girlfriend. His arrest cost him his job and could cost him his freedom if he is ultimately convicted. As he has already lost so much and stands to lose so much more, the criminal defense put forward in his case matters.

The incident in question occurred Wednesday, Sept. 25, in Baton Rouge. According to reports, police were called to an apartment on Nicholson Drive to investigate a domestic dispute. The alleged victim claims that the accused -- a 30-year-old male -- grabbed her by the throat and threw her out of the apartment after she told him she no longer wanted to stay in the relationship. When she tried to re-enter their home to retrieve her belongings, the accused supposedly shoved her away from the door.

The accused claims the argument was not as the victim described. He also claims that his girlfriend was physically violent with him, as well. Nevertheless, he was taken into police custody and charged with abuse of a pregnant woman and domestic abuse battery. It is unclear when his case will go to trial.

Domestic violence is something that the state takes very seriously. In fact, the Attorney General -- for whom the accused was most recently employed -- is making it a point to address the significant domestic violence problem in Louisiana. Fighting the charges in this case will not prove to be an easy feat. However, with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, this individual can take steps to minimize any consequences associated with a conviction if he is unable to achieve a case dismissal.

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