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Holiday travel on Interstate 10 is a dangerous affair

Over the next several weeks, a lot of Louisiana residents and visitors to the state will travel along Interstate 10 to get to and from their holiday destinations. While it may seem like a typical interstate, according to a recent report, it is actually one of the most dangerous stretches of road to travel during the holiday season. Why is that, and what can people do to help keep themselves safe?

Millions of Americans travel via car for holiday purposes between the end of November and the beginning of January. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that, over the last three years, on Thanksgiving and Christmas, nearly 3,400 people have died in auto collisions. Some of these accidents may have been weather-related, drunk drivers caused some and distracted drivers caused a large chunk of them.

Of the thousands of deaths reported during the holiday travel season, 15% of them occurred on just five roadways -- I-10, I-80, I-35, I-95 and I-20. Of that 15%, the most occurred on I-10. This particular stretch of highway passes through some densely populated areas, which is believed to contribute to the high rate of fatalities.

There are several things people can do to keep themselves safe during their holiday travels even when driving on particularly dangerous stretches of road, such as making sure they stay focused when behind the wheel, taking breaks if they are tired, being hyper aware of their surroundings and refusing to drive if they are intoxicated. The sad reality of the situation is too many people do the opposite of these things and they end up hurting themselves and others in the process. Those who suffer injuries or lose loved ones in accidents while traveling through Louisiana this holiday season may not have to shoulder the burden of their losses alone. With the assistance of counsel, maximum relief may be sought through legal means.

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