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Legal counsel available even if you mediate your divorce

When wanting to dissolve a marriage, a couple has to decide the best way for them to go about it. What works for some Louisiana residents will not for others, and that is okay. For example, some couples may wish to utilize the mediation process rather than go through the traditional divorce process. Those who choose to mediate can still turn to legal counsel for assistance achieving the best settlement terms possible.

Meditation involves the two parties being willing to meet and discuss divorce terms with a mediator present. The mediator is not to take sides. His or her role is to keep the conversation going.

Technically, it is possible to make it through mediation without legal counsel at one's side. However, speaking to an attorney is still considered a wise move. Without some legal guidance, it is possible to walk away from mediation with divorce terms that are lopsided and not to one's benefit.

Legal counsel's role when one is going through mediation is a bit different than it would be if traditional divorce proceedings were being followed. An attorney can be present at mediation sessions to help with the negotiations process, or, before signing anything, one can take any proposed terms to legal counsel for review outside of the mediation sessions. How involved legal counsel is when a divorce case is mediated is up to the client.

When looking for legal counsel to assist with mediation in Louisiana, it is good to find an attorney who understands that no two divorce cases are the same. Sometimes, it is necessary to think outside of the box. It is possible to mediate divorce successfully and walk away with fair and balanced settlement terms. Legal counsel can help make that happen.

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