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December 2019 Archives

Louisiana family law: Parental mental health and child custody

Mental health is not something a lot of people like to talk about. However, it is not something that should be brushed aside. Numerous Louisiana resident suffer from mental health problems, and these problems can affect their families in several ways. In fact, many family law professionals see it affecting parental rights and child custody arrangements.

Why putting off probate may be a bad idea

When all of a couple's assets are jointly owned and one spouse dies, the surviving spouse gets everything, right? So why go through the probate process? Probate may seem like a waste of time to some in Louisiana and elsewhere, but it has its purpose. Putting it off or not probating an estate at all can have consequences down the line.

Criminal defense: Several people recently charged with DWI

Police in Louisiana recently arrested two individuals in the East Baton Rouge area for driving while intoxicated. In both cases, the consequences may be significant if the accused are convicted. As such, each of these individuals can help him or herself by seeking out a criminal defense attorney with plenty of experience handling DWI cases.

Louisiana family law: What to do with investments?

Divorce is difficult, and not just because it brings a relationship to a close; because a lot of work went into building the marriage, it will take a lot of work to undo it all. This is particularly true if a couple has complex assets they need to deal with during the property division phase of the divorce process -- such as investments. Thankfully, a family law attorney can assist Louisiana residents in reaching settlement terms that serve their best interests, regardless of how complex their asset situations may seem.


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