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Criminal defense: Several people recently charged with DWI

Police in Louisiana recently arrested two individuals in the East Baton Rouge area for driving while intoxicated. In both cases, the consequences may be significant if the accused are convicted. As such, each of these individuals can help him or herself by seeking out a criminal defense attorney with plenty of experience handling DWI cases.

According to reports, East Baton Rouge police took two people into custody for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol between Dec.7 and Dec. 9. For one individual -- a 31-year-old female -- this was her second arrest for DWI. She was also charged with reckless operation, fleeing from police and driving with a suspended license. For the other individual -- a 29-year-old male -- this was his first offense. He was also cited for driving without a license on his person.

It is unclear if either of the accused has retained legal counsel to help navigate the legal system. They certainly have the right to do so. It is also unclear if any court dates have been scheduled to address their cases. 

According to Louisiana laws, both of these individuals may expect to spend time behind bars if convicted, and they will have to pay hefty fines and deal with license suspensions -- among other things. All of these penalties can have significant short- and long-term consequences. Thankfully, each of the accused has the right to a criminal defense to fight the charges. With help, it may be possible to seek case dismissals, charge reductions or even alternative sentencing. Every case is different, but legal counsel will have the ability to help these individuals achieve outcomes that are best for them and their circumstances.

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