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January 2020 Archives

Louisiana probate: The time to prepare an estate plan is now

No one really wants to spend time thinking about end-of-life matters, or what would happen to themselves or their families if they were to become incapacitated. So, many people in Louisiana and elsewhere put it off until later in life or until it is too late altogether. There is no one perfect time to create an estate plan. The time to prepare an estate plan is now, no matter what stage of adulthood one is in.

Can child support and custody orders be modified?

When finalizing a divorce, it is difficult to know if the agreed-upon terms will actually work for one's family until one has the time to experience life after the dissolution. Sometimes, everything will work out without any serious issues. Then again, sometimes it won't. Thankfully, in the state of Louisiana, certain divorce terms may be modified to better fit a family's needs -- such as child support and custody.

Criminal defense: Consequences for driving while intoxicated

As most people know, driving while intoxicated is illegal in the state of Louisiana, just as it is in every other state. Those who are caught doing so may face some severe consequences. This week, this column will address what those consequences are and what one may do, with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to minimize them.

Potential law changes could hurt personal injury victims

If injured in a car accident, one expects insurance to cover any losses one experiences as a result -- whether they are economic or noneconomic in nature. That does not always happen, though, and sometimes personal injury victims need to take legal action in order to seek maximum relief. Unfortunately, some lawmakers in Louisiana are trying to limit how much victims can get.


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