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Can child support and custody orders be modified?

When finalizing a divorce, it is difficult to know if the agreed-upon terms will actually work for one's family until one has the time to experience life after the dissolution. Sometimes, everything will work out without any serious issues. Then again, sometimes it won't. Thankfully, in the state of Louisiana, certain divorce terms may be modified to better fit a family's needs -- such as child support and custody.

Figuring out custody and support terms is not always easy. Sometimes, the court has to step in and assign what it thinks is best. Other times, parents just have to hope they have come up with a plan that works. The state of Louisiana understands that life changes happen, and adjustment to divorce terms regarding one's children may become necessary. Such modifications may be required several times before one's children reach adulthood. That is okay.

Achieving support and custody modifications is not as simple as one might think. The state will not grant such requests lightly. It is necessary to prove that the adjustments are, in fact, needed, and they will better serve the interests of the affected kids. A few reasons the court may approve such modifications include:

  • Emergency
  • Change in living situation
  • Loss or change of employment
  • Child's needs change

If parents in Louisiana can agree to new terms on their own or with the assistance of counsel, they may not have to go to court to fight things out. They would just need to submit the agreed-upon modification paperwork for court approval. If, however, they cannot agree, going to court may be unavoidable. Getting support and custody orders modified can take time. Thankfully, one can turn to legal counsel for help achieving terms that best fit the current needs of one's family.

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