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Potential law changes could hurt personal injury victims

If injured in a car accident, one expects insurance to cover any losses one experiences as a result -- whether they are economic or noneconomic in nature. That does not always happen, though, and sometimes personal injury victims need to take legal action in order to seek maximum relief. Unfortunately, some lawmakers in Louisiana are trying to limit how much victims can get.

It has been reported quite frequently over the last few months that lawmakers would like to see damage caps placed on car accident lawsuits. Why? They believe that not having caps is the reason why car insurance rates in the state are so high. Current rates here are said to be some of the highest in the country.

Would putting caps on damages really make a difference? According to a recent report, car insurance companies claim that lawsuit damages do not dictate rates. Premiums are high for a number of reasons, including intoxicated driving rates, distracted driving-related accidents, poor road conditions and the number of uninsured drivers in the state. As such, there is no guarantee that limiting damages would result in premium reductions.

Tort reform does have its place in the world. It does not always benefit everyone, though. Only time will tell if the proposals on the table will pass. Regardless if law changes do come about, personal injury victims in Louisiana can still turn to legal counsel to seek relief for their losses. Through negotiation or litigation, maximum compensation for pain, suffering, lost wages, current, and future medical needs and other losses may be achieved.

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