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Proper preparation for divorce can help avoid trouble

As you approach the start of the formal divorce process, you may have concerns about whether or not you're properly prepared.

Do you know what to expect from mediation? Are you heading for litigation? Do you think your soon-to-be ex has some tricks up their sleeve?

Since you don't know exactly what to expect, it's imperative to plan to the best of your ability. Here are several of the most important points to keep in mind:

  • It can be short or long: This varies from one case to the next, and is based largely on the details of the divorce and willingness of both individuals to compromise. For example, with mediation, you'll partake in an initial session followed by as many two to three hour-long meetings as it takes to reach an agreement.
  • Property and debt division is often a sticking point: You know that you'll divide property and debt in your divorce. But what you don't know is exactly how this will unfold in mediation or litigation. The key here is to get organized before you start, and that means creating a property and debt division checklist. For example, as far as assets are concerned, you can break them down into categories such as financial assets, personal property, business property and real estate.
  • You have to protect your children: If you don't have children together, you can forget about this detail. But if you do, it will almost always play a big part in the divorce process. Even though your personal well-being is important, don't lose sight of the steps you can take to protect your children. Adding to this, matters regarding child custody and child support will come to light, so it's critical to prepare accordingly. A lack of preparation on this front can result in a parenting agreement and/or visitation schedule that doesn't suit your long-term vision of post-divorce life.

By answering these questions, you prepare yourself to confidently move through the divorce process with the goal of creating a mutually beneficial agreement. And when that happens, you can finally put your divorce in the past while turning your attention to a better future.

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