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February 2020 Archives

Injured by a teen who was too tired to be driving?

Every year, numerous teens in Louisiana are involved in car accidents -- particularly in the morning while driving to school. Some of these incidents have fatal outcomes, and many of them result in injury. According to a recently released study, numerous teen-involved collisions are the result of these young drivers getting behind the wheel while tired. As drowsy driving is considered negligent driving, anyone injured in one of these accidents may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through legal means.

Gray divorce -- to do it or not to do it?

There is nothing easy about ending a marriage. It will hurt in a lot of ways. However, doing it when one is older may come at a higher price. More gray divorces are happening these days, but it doesn't mean that those who are considering it, whether they reside in Louisiana or elsewhere, shouldn't take the time to really think things through before pulling the trigger.

Will the autonomous vehicle prevent all car accident injuries?

Some of the advances in technology are truly remarkable. Take the autonomous vehicle, for example. The idea is simply amazing, and many people believe taking this idea mainstream will help prevent car accident injuries from occurring -- but will it? Maybe someday Louisiana residents will no longer have to worry about car accidents, but that day is not anytime soon -- even with more autonomous vehicles out on the road.

Criminal defense: Baton Rouge man facing several serious charges

Police in Baton Rouge recently arrested a man on several serious charges. Given the severity of the crimes of which he stands accused, how he approaches his case in a Louisiana criminal court matters. Thankfully, an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to help this individual seek the best outcome possible.


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