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Will the autonomous vehicle prevent all car accident injuries?

Some of the advances in technology are truly remarkable. Take the autonomous vehicle, for example. The idea is simply amazing, and many people believe taking this idea mainstream will help prevent car accident injuries from occurring -- but will it? Maybe someday Louisiana residents will no longer have to worry about car accidents, but that day is not anytime soon -- even with more autonomous vehicles out on the road.

Most car accidents, 94-96%, are the result of human error. The idea behind the autonomous vehicle is to take the human out of it. The technology is supposed to sense issues and react faster than a human driver would. Here's the thing, the coding done for these vehicles is far from perfect. Several auto accidents involving these vehicles have occurred, some of them resulting in fatality.

Self-driving cars are not going away; many lawmakers are fighting for them to come to mass production faster than they currently are. However, there are still many improvements that need to be made before they are available to the general public. Even when they are, it will take a long time for people to switch over to these vehicles, and there are no guarantees that everyone will make the change.

Autonomous vehicles may or may not be the answer when it comes to preventing car accident injuries -- only time will tell. In the meantime, as auto accidents are still a very real problem in Louisiana, those who find themselves injured in collisions with either self-driving or human-operated vehicles may seek compensation for their damages. Legal counsel may be able to help victims seek maximum relief for their losses.

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