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April 2020 Archives

These divorce mistakes can prove costly

There are a lot of big and little details that have to be worked through when a married couple decides to call it quits. If they are not careful, any mistakes made during the divorce process may prove costly. This week, this column will address several financial mistakes divorcing couples in Louisiana may want to avoid.

Probate is easier when an estate plan is up to date

Louisiana residents who take the time to go through the estate planning process do so for several reasons. They want to protect themselves should they become incapacitated, but they also want to make life easier on their loved ones when they die. The probate process is certainly much easier for beneficiaries to get through when an estate plan is up to date.

2 Baton Rouge residents facing drug and other charges

Police in Louisiana recently arrested two individuals whom they believe to be marijuana distributors and participants of a money-laundering scheme. They are both facing various drug and other charges, which can carry significant penalties if they are ultimately convicted. Thankfully, they do have the right to defend themselves with the assistance of legal counsel.

Did a distracted driver run you off the road?

One minute you were driving along, focused on getting to your destination safely. Then, in the blink of an eye, you found yourself flying off the road as you swerved to avoid being hit by another car. You crashed and were injured, but the other driver was too distracted to even notice what he or she had done. If a distracted driver ran you off the road and failed to stick around, you may feel there is little you can do to seek compensation for your losses, but that isn't necessarily the case. There may still be options for Louisiana residents in this position.


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