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2 Baton Rouge residents facing drug and other charges

Police in Louisiana recently arrested two individuals whom they believe to be marijuana distributors and participants of a money-laundering scheme. They are both facing various drug and other charges, which can carry significant penalties if they are ultimately convicted. Thankfully, they do have the right to defend themselves with the assistance of legal counsel.

According to reports, Baton Rouge Police have been investigating a male and female for their alleged participation in a drug distribution operation for some time. The investigation actually started in 2018 when authorities supposedly found just over 21 pounds of marijuana and drug paraphernalia at a home located on Chickamauga Drive. It was not reported if either individual was arrested or charged in this incident.

Investigators continued to watch the pair. In 2019, they allegedly intercepted a package of marijuana being delivered to another residence. The male went to pick it up and was promptly stopped by deputies. He claimed the box was not meant for him. Text messages supposedly showed the female's involvement in this incident.

Again, authorities continued to watch these individuals, and in Feb. 2020, they confronted the male at the Chickamauga Drive home address where drugs and drug paraphernalia were found upon searching the residence. On April 4, both the male and female were place under arrest and transported to the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. The charges filed against them were said to be for the 2019 incident.

The state of Louisiana does not take marijuana distribution lightly. As such, the drug and other charges filed in this case may be challenging to fight, though not entirely impossible. Legal counsel will have the ability to question any evidence offered against each of the accused, which may bring information to light that will help them in court.

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