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Slip-and-fall accident may suggest need for personal injury claim

It can happen in an instant. One moment a Louisiana resident is walking down an aisle or sidewalk and the next moment that same individual is lying injured on the ground. Slip-and-fall accidents can happen for a variety of reasons some of which may need to be addressed through a personal injury claim.

A spill on the floor can be enough to cause serious injury to an individual. For this reason, property owners typically attempt to clean up such spills as soon as possible in order to prevent possible injury. To do otherwise could be considered negligent. Questions such as did the property owner or an employee know about the spill and should the individual have seen the spill and been able to reasonably avoid it may need to be addressed.

Likewise, loose flooring and uneven walkways can also present a slip-and-fall hazard. Property owners are responsible for keeping their property in good repair. Additionally, they often go to great lengths to clearly indicate step-downs or other areas that may present a hazard. Again, questions regarding whether the property owner was aware of the loose flooring or if the uneven walkway was clearly marked will play a role in determining if the resulting accident is simply an accident or a case of personal injury.

Not all Louisiana slip-and-fall accidents suggest the need for a personal injury claim. However, when an individual suffers physical and financial damage as a result of an injury due to someone else's negligence, it may be prudent to discuss the situation with legal counsel. If the other individual or property owner is at fault, such action will hold him or her accountable for the negligence.

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