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June 2020 Archives

Family law attorney can help review debt as part of divorce

Who will be responsible for specific debts?  This is a common question when a Louisiana couple decides to divorce. When working through the property division settlement, the primary concern of many individuals is which assets they will get. However, being able to pay for these assets along with the other bills that the individual will now be responsible for is necessary and yet one more detail that should be discussed with his or her family law attorney.

Criminal defense attorney may help one obtain a hardship license

Drinking and driving is something most people know is illegal, but few think they will get caught or ultimately convicted for this type of behavior. The truth is the state of Louisiana takes drinking and driving very seriously, and those convicted typically lose their driving privileges -- at least temporarily. For those whose livelihoods depend on their ability to drive, this is a big problem. With the assistance of a criminal defense attorney, one may be able to obtain a specific type of license that would allow him or her to operate a vehicle when absolutely necessary.


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