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July 2020 Archives

Do all assets have to pass through the probate process?

Recently lose a loved one? If so, you likely have a million questions about what it is going to take to close out his or her estate. One common question is: Do all assets have to pass through the Louisiana probate process? The simplistic answer to that question is no, but when is anything ever simple?

Will you be responsible for your loved one's debt after they die?

After losing a loved one, the process of closing out his or her estate can be confusing — especially for those who have never done it before or who are unfamiliar with Louisiana probate laws. It is normal to have questions about how everything works and what one might be left responsible for. For example, some may be confused about who has to pay off their loved one's debt. Is this a burden surviving family members have to bear?

The ins and outs of divorce in Louisiana

The vast majority of people who enter into marital contracts do so believing it will be for the long haul. Unfortunately, not all relationships stand the test of time. When a marriage is failing, regardless of the reason why, it is okay to take time and learn more about the divorce process as well as how legal counsel can help one through it. Here are a few facts anyone who wishes to pursue marital dissolution in Louisiana may want to know.

Felony weapons charges filed against young man in Baton Rouge

When reading the news, not a day seems to go by without someone in this part of Louisiana being accused of committing a crime involving a weapon -- usually a gun. Such crimes are typically felony-level offenses, for which the consequences, if convicted, can be quite severe. Those facing a weapons charge may be able to help their situation by seeking assistance from a criminal defense attorney with experience handling such cases. 


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