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Felony weapons charges filed against young man in Baton Rouge

When reading the news, not a day seems to go by without someone in this part of Louisiana being accused of committing a crime involving a weapon -- usually a gun. Such crimes are typically felony-level offenses, for which the consequences, if convicted, can be quite severe. Those facing a weapons charge may be able to help their situation by seeking assistance from a criminal defense attorney with experience handling such cases. 

A short time ago, a 25-year-old male was arrested in Baton Rouge on various weapons charges. According to reports, he is accused of illegally wielding a gun, as well as committing assault with a firearm. Few details have been released about this case so far. However, investigators claim that an argument led the accused to fire a gun at three people. No one was injured in the incident. 

Authorities are urging anyone who may have witnessed, or who may have information about the incident, to please call Crime Stoppers to share what they know. At this time, it is unclear when the accused will address his case in court. It is also unclear if he has sought out legal counsel to help him through this difficult situation. 

In Louisiana, just as everywhere else, being charged with a felony does not mean a conviction is guaranteed. With the assistance of legal counsel, the accused may challenge the evidence offered against him, which may bring to light information that will prove helpful in getting the charges dismissed or, at least, reduced. If thought a better course of action, legal counsel may be able to assist this gentleman in working with prosecuting attorneys to seek a plea agreement or alternative sentencing.

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