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The ins and outs of divorce in Louisiana

The vast majority of people who enter into marital contracts do so believing it will be for the long haul. Unfortunately, not all relationships stand the test of time. When a marriage is failing, regardless of the reason why, it is okay to take time and learn more about the divorce process as well as how legal counsel can help one through it. Here are a few facts anyone who wishes to pursue marital dissolution in Louisiana may want to know.

Fact number one: The state accepts both fault and no-fault divorce filings. For simplicity's sake, most people choose to file on no-fault grounds. However, allowing people to file on fault grounds does have its advantages in certain situations. Legal counsel can go into greater detail on this topic and help the client decide which type of filing makes the most sense for his or her case.

Fact number two: There is a divorce waiting period. Wanting to get the dissolution process over as quickly as possible is understandable. No one wants to drag it out if they don't have to. However, the state does require that a couple wait 180 days after filing their divorce petition before the court will sign off on it.

Fact number three: This is a community property state. This simply means that all property obtained during the marriage is subject to division unless a valid prenuptial agreement exists. If one does, then assets will be distributed to each party according to its terms.

Fact number four: Having children can make the divorce process more difficult. Figuring out child support and custody is not necessarily easy. Parents do not always agree on what is best for their children, and sometimes, the courts have to get involved.

There is so much to the basics of divorce that it is difficult to discuss everything one might want or need to know about it in this forum. Just know that there are several ways for divorcing couples in Louisiana to approach their marital dissolutions. Legal counsel is here and ready to help their clients find what will work best for them, as well as offer assistance throughout the divorce process in order to ensure settlement terms are the absolute best they can be.

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