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What is it that most distracts drivers?

Distracted driving is a problem in Louisiana, just like it is everywhere else. Too few people simply choose to pay full attention to the road, and, unfortunately, others end up hurt or killed because of it. What is it that most distracts drivers?

According to a recently published article, a lot of things can pull a driver's attention from the road. The number one culprit is smartphone use. That isn't necessarily news. It is impossible to go anywhere without witnessing people talking, texting or looking at their cellphone while they are driving.

Smartphone use is not the only thing distracting drivers, though. Of all the study participants, 2% admitted to shaving while driving, 10.5% said they had spent time popping pimples, 27% say they have changed their clothes, 36% admitted to eating full meals, and 47% of study participants said they have spent time picking their nose instead of paying attention to the road. All of these things may seem like no big deal, but when hands are removed from the steering wheel and eyes are taken off the road, serious accidents can happen in a matter of seconds.

While it may be interesting to know what it is that distracts drivers, at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter what is it. What matters is distracted driving is negligent driving, and those who do it can be held accountable for any damages they cause if they are involved in accidents. Anyone who has suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a collision with a distracted driver may seek compensation by filing any applicable legal claims against the responsible party in a Louisiana civil court. With the assistance of legal counsel, maximum relief may be sought through out-of-court negotiations or litigation.

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