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August 2020 Archives

Louisiana teen arrested in recent carjacking case

On Aug. 6, police in Louisiana were informed of an event in Baton Rouge that resulted in one person being killed and another individual suffering serious injuries. According to reports, this event was a carjacking. The following day, the individual thought responsible was arrested.

If I file a personal injury case, will it go to trial?

Louisiana residents who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of others may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through legal means. Some people choose not to file personal injury claims, however, because they fear that, by doing so, they will have to fight for relief in court. The good news is, if you were hurt due to another person's actions and you choose to pursue legal action, your case may not have to go to trial. These claims are often settled long before things get that far.

Louisiana criminal defense: Arrest made in arson case

Law enforcement authorities in Louisiana had been searching for the individual who set fire to a car in the Baton Rouge area, causing roughly $8,000 in damage. In early August, an arrest was made in this case. The individual now believed responsible for this event could face some serious consequences if he is ultimately convicted. However, with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, he can take steps to achieve the best outcome possible.

Can a parent's divorce stress affect their infants or toddlers?

Some parents choose to try to stay in a volatile marriage because they fear that getting divorced is going to harm the children. These parents might not realize that staying in a marriage fraught with abuse, even if the abuse is emotional and not physical, can be damaging to the children because they begin to view the horrible actions as part of a normal relationship.


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