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If I file a personal injury case, will it go to trial?

Louisiana residents who have suffered injuries due to the negligence of others may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through legal means. Some people choose not to file personal injury claims, however, because they fear that, by doing so, they will have to fight for relief in court. The good news is, if you were hurt due to another person's actions and you choose to pursue legal action, your case may not have to go to trial. These claims are often settled long before things get that far.

Why is knowing this a big deal? Some people fear they will have to wait forever to see a dime for their losses if they file civil claims. When struggling to pay your bills or seek the help you need, you want compensation right away -- which is understandable. Others fear that, by litigating their cases, they may lose out on compensation due to rejecting an insurance provider's settlement terms, or because their cases fail to prove successful, which are also very understandable concerns.

Here's the thing: you do not have to accept an insurance provider's first settlement offer. You probably shouldn't, as it will likely fail to provide sufficient relief. Legal counsel will have the ability to review the details of the offer and help you decide if it is fair or if negotiating for more would better suit your interests. Your attorney will also have the ability to review the overall details of your case and provide guidance as to whether litigation, rather than negotiation, is the appropriate course of action.

At the end of the day, settlement negotiations usually work because no one, insurance providers especially, wants negative press, and no one wants to deal with the expense or time lost taking a personal injury case to trial. If you decide to pursue a civil claim in the state of Louisiana, your attorney will work diligently to settle the matter out of court, and only consider going to trial if it is absolutely necessary and for your good. To learn more about how legal counsel can assist you in your fight for relief, please take a moment and visit our firm's website.

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