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Louisiana teen arrested in recent carjacking case

On Aug. 6, police in Louisiana were informed of an event in Baton Rouge that resulted in one person being killed and another individual suffering serious injuries. According to reports, this event was a carjacking. The following day, the individual thought responsible was arrested.

When authorities responded to the incident, which occurred on La Annie Drive, they found a 19-year-old male with multiple guns shot wounds. Sadly, he died before he could be transported for medical care. Another victim was shot and fled the scene but was located a short time later on Harvey Drive. This individual was taken to a local emergency room with serious injuries.

On Aug. 7, authorities arrested an 18-year-old male believed to have been involved in the crime. He is now facing carjacking, armed robbery, first-degree murder and weapons charges. In the state of Louisiana, the consequences associated with a conviction on any of these charges can be severe. This individual is looking at a lengthy prison sentence among other penalties -- any of which can be life-altering.

How this young man approaches this situation matters. There is a lot on the line in this case and no room for error. With the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, the accused will be able to ensure his rights are protected as he works to defend himself against the carjacking and other charges. It will not be easy, and there are no guarantees that things will go his way. However, legal counsel will work diligently to ensure the accused achieves the best outcome possible.

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