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Family law: When getting a divorce, keep emotions in check

Ending a marriage is an emotional affair. It is the death of something that was once viewed as beautiful and full of promise. It is difficult to get through the divorce process without letting emotions run the show. However, any family law attorney would suggest that Louisiana residents working through the dissolution process check their emotions at the door when walking into settlement negotiations or litigation.

Louisiana family law: The 3 types of parental alienation

Not all divorce cases are amicable. Some spouses fight about everything during divorce proceedings and sometimes for years after the fact -- particularly if children are involved. One way some people try to punish their former spouses is by turning their children against them. This is called parental alienation, and sadly, it is commonly seen in Louisiana family law cases.

Not happy with your child custody arrangement?

Getting through the divorce process is difficult. Living with some of the terms after the fact can be even harder for individuals in Louisiana. Child custody, for example, is one of those things with which you may struggle. Maybe the initial order felt fine at the time, but now it is not working, or maybe you were not happy with your current arrangement from the get-go and have been on a mission to change it ever since. No matter why you want your child custody terms adjusted, legal counsel can assist you in taking the steps necessary to seek the desired changes.

Louisiana family law: Common joint custody problems

Joint custody is the custody arrangement of choice in Louisiana -- except in cases where it is not deemed in a child's best interests. Making this type of arrangement work can be challenging, though. Here are some common joint custody problems family law experts often see arise.

How to approach your partner with divorce

Ending a marriage is not always a smooth transition into single-hood. It begins by having an honest conversation with your partner. Sometimes the word 'divorce' may get tossed around during a heated argument, but how can you really be sure that divorce is what you really want?

Louisiana family law: What to do with the marital home

Dividing assets when going through a divorce is rarely if ever an easy task. Each party is likely to have different ideas regarding what should happen. For example, the marital home. Maybe one spouse wants to sell it and the other wants to keep it. A Louisiana-based family law attorney can help one find the best way to resolve this issue.

Louisiana family law: Have child custody and support concerns?

Are you preparing to go through a divorce? Do you have children and have child custody and support concerns? If you do, an experienced Louisiana-based family law attorney can help you resolve your concerns and walk away from your marriage with custody and support orders that fit your family's needs.

Louisiana family law: Things to do during divorce

When going through a divorce, the last thing anyone wants to hear is what they should and should not do. The simple truth is, there are some basic ground rules everyone should stick to when going through this process if they want to move on as quickly and painlessly as possible. An experienced family law attorney can help Louisiana residents keep focused and take all the right steps when navigating divorce.


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