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Criminal defense: Louisiana man facing domestic violence charges

At the end of September, police in Louisiana arrested a man for allegedly abusing his girlfriend. His arrest cost him his job and could cost him his freedom if he is ultimately convicted. As he has already lost so much and stands to lose so much more, the criminal defense put forward in his case matters.

Louisiana criminal defense: Common drug crimes

Drug crimes are not something that law enforcement officials treat lightly in Louisiana. Anyone charged with such a crime may face consequences that can affect them for years to come if they are ultimately convicted. Thankfully, those facing criminal charges do have the right to a criminal defense.

Louisiana criminal defense: Officer facing DWI and other charges

Law enforcement officers in the state of Louisiana are always on the lookout for drunk or otherwise impaired drivers while they are out on patrol. When, according to their training, arrests are called for, they take allegedly impaired drivers into custody -- even if a driver is one of their own. Recently, a state police officer was arrested for driving while intoxicated and other violations. As he stands to lose a lot if he is convicted, he would likely benefit from having a well-planned criminal defense.

Louisiana criminal defense: Man charged in nightclub shooting

On June 29, the Baton Rouge area was rocked by a nightclub shooting that left seven people injured. Recently, police arrested the one man who is believed to have been the shooter. As gun violence is a serious offense in Louisiana with significant consequences if one is convicted, the accused can help himself, his case and his chances of achieving the best possible outcome by seeking assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney as he prepares to defend himself in court.

Louisiana criminal defense: Illegal dumping may soon be a felony

Zachary is home to the Baton Rouge North Landfill. There, people are allowed to drop off certain bulk items that they wish to dispose of when putting them in a standard trash bin is not an option. According to East Baton Rouge officials, too few people are taking advantage of the drop-off option and, instead, are resorting to dumping trash illegally -- which is currently a misdemeanor offense but may soon be a felony-level offense. Either way, those accused of illegal dumping in the state of Louisiana may find themselves in need of criminal defense assistance.

Louisiana criminal defense: 2 men charged in fatal shooting case

Police in Louisiana recently arrested two men that they say are responsible for a fatal shooting in the Zachary area. The charges against these gentlemen are quite severe and the potential consequences if they are convicted are much the same. Each of the accused would likely benefit from having an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for them well before their cases go to trial.

Louisiana criminal defense: 2 facing DWI and other charges

Louisiana police recently arrested two individuals for allegedly driving while impaired. They are both facing a number of charges. If convicted, the consequences may be significant. Both of these individuals would likely fair better in their legal proceedings if they have an experienced criminal defense attorney on their side.

Louisiana criminal defense: Charged with a hate crime?

Just like employers can get into a lot of trouble for discriminating against employees or allowing discrimination and harassment in the workplace, the average Joe can get into a lot of trouble for purposely discriminating against anyone at any time. Hate crimes are commonly seen in the state of Louisiana and elsewhere. Those accused of these crimes may face some serious consequences if they are convicted. A criminal defense attorney may be able to assist anyone facing hate crime charges with navigating court proceedings and doing all that is necessary to seek favorable outcomes.

Louisiana criminal defense: Should I take a breath test?

Anyone suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol in the state of Louisiana may be asked to submit to a breath test. This is a simple and quick test that can be done roadside. Law enforcement authorities use it as it is believed to be highly accurate, but the truth is this test is prone to error. So, when asked to submit to a breath test, one should really think about the consequences of doing so, including how the results could impact one's criminal defense if arrested.

Criminal defense: Accused serial burglar arrested, again

Police in Zachary recently arrested a young man for his alleged role in a string of vehicle burglaries. This individual has been in this position before and was released on bond after entering a plea agreement. Now, police want to see him stay behind bars and have gone public about their concerns. The court of public opinion certainly does not help criminal cases, so this teenager can help himself by seeking assistance from an experienced criminal defense attorney as he goes to court for his latest arrest.


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